Meet Nina. Nina lives in a cool new apartment on the edge of town. And she likes cool things. That’s why she spent so much time looking for the right objects to furnish her home. But in the case of the coffee machine, it was love at first sight. The ENA 8 was   the ideal choice for Nina, her kitchen and her lifestyle. And shortly after that, J.O.E.® – the JURA Operating Experience – came into her life. Nina’s first ‘internet partner’ fulfils her every wish and enables her to make coffee specialities precisely to her own individual taste. Since they met, the two have been inseparable. And J.O.E.® goes wherever Nina goes: on her smartphone. Thanks to regular updates, it means she now has incredibly simple, state-of-the-art operation with lots of additional functions for all JURA automatic machines* in her handbag.

* J.O.E.® functions for all JURA automatic machines with Smart Connect.


J.O.E.® knows all about Nina’s ENA at any time of the night or day. When the filter needs changing, for instance, he sends a notification to her smartphone. And when she’s out of replacement filters, all it takes to order them is a few clicks at the online store. Oh, yes: Nina and operating instructions is another chapter. But here, too, J.O.E.® is only too ready to help and provides videos that show her, step by step, exactly what to do.


Nina loves inviting friends round. And now they know she has an ENA 8 in her kitchen, there’s no holding them back when it comes to ordering coffee specialities. But that’s no problem either! Because J.O.E.® notes their orders and prepares mouth-watering specialities at a click. All Nina needs to do is serve up her little works of art and graciously accept the compliments of her satisfied guests.


Nina uses J.O.E.® even at work, during her breaks. Using Bluetooth® connected with the WE8 at the office, she gets her favourite coffee from the automatic machine in the refreshment area. Even when her new workmate, who sees himself as a bit of a barista, has been messing around again with the machine settings. Sorry, pal, J.O.E.® knows better what Nina really likes.


Since Nina discovered the ENA 8 and J.O.E.® for herself, she often catches herself taking photos of her coffee creations and posting them on her social media channels. Understandable, when you remember that they not only taste absolutely delicious but also look really tempting. Which is what Nina’s friends on the web also think and send her likes and hearts by the bucketful.

Images: Remo Buess