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Selected model: GIGA 5

Dismantling and rinsing the dual spout

The dual spout must be dismantled and rinsed daily if milk has been prepared to make sure it functions perfectly and also in the interests of hygiene.


Your GIGA will automatically prompt you to clean it. Proceed with this cleaning when prompted to do so. JURA cleaning tablets are specifically made for the integrated cleaning programme. This protects your coffee machine, extends its service life and keeps your coffee quality consistently at the highest level.


Scale is the biggest enemy of any domestic appliance which uses water. Your GIGA will automatically prompt you to descale it. Proceed with this descaling when prompted to do so. To extend the service life of your coffee machine, JURA has developed a descaling tablet which removes scale and at the same time is easy on your machine.

Inserting and activating the filter

Your machine no longer has to be descaled if you are using the CLARIS Blue filter cartridge. If the water hardness is 10° dH or more, we recommend using the filter cartridge.

Changing the filter

After 50 litres of water have flowed through or after two months, the filter will cease to work. Your machine will prompt you to change the filter.